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Cost Allocation Analysis

As defined by the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Section 200.56: “Indirect costs mean those costs incurred for a common or joint purpose benefitting more than one cost objective, and not readily assignable to the cost objectives specifically benefitted, without effort disproportionate to the results achieved.”

If you have some experience with accounting, you may have a good understanding of the direct costs incurred by each of your programs. These are the items included on the face of financial statements -- specifically the statement of activity, the non-profit equivalent of the profit and loss.

Traditional accounting breaks down indirect (or overhead) costs by functions (e.g. administration, marketing, operations), rather than by programs. It fails to capture the relationship between these costs and the organization’s activities, and consequently, its mission.

For transparency, or to make a simpler presentation of the financial standing, two categories are required.

Program services:
Activities that result in a good or service being distributed to beneficiaries, customers, or members that fulfill the purposes or mission for which a nonprofit exists

Supporting Services:
Activities other than program services, which can include:

  • Management and General(M&G): Activities related to oversight
  • Fundraising:Activities to entice potential donors to contribute
  • Membership Development: Activities to gain or retain members

This can be the source of scrutiny for NPOs. The result is a cloudy economic picture where nonprofit management is uncertain of the financial health of their program areas and beneficiaries unclear where public funds are being used in the best way.

The allocation of all organizational costs, direct and indirect, across relevant programs or sites is at the heart of true-cost analysis.

Appropriate allocation of many types of costs can include elements of significant judgement. Your beneficiaries, the board of directors and the organization's future prospects depend on your implementation of long standing processes to ensure assurance procedures are executed.

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